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Investment casting

Investment casting

Technology of making castings using melting vax models represents oldest way of producing parts by casting. Decorative objects older than 4500 years which models were made from bees wax were found in China and Egypt, and their molds were made of clay.

We produce castings using gravitational casting and casting in vacuum. Gravitational casting and casting in vacuum produce castings with highest technical characteristics by paying special attention to quality of parts surfaces and dimensional precision with option of producing diverse configurations.

Castings weight range: 0,3 – 1.200 grams (by special orders and depending on castings configuration it can go up to 2200 grams).

 We guarantee uniform chemical composition of castings.

 Castings are made of steel, gray cast and copper alloy.

Advantages of gravitational casting:

  • Production of big batches of castings with complex configurations which are hard or impossible to make using classical casting or processing
  •  Ceramic material and production technique allow reproduction of fine details, high dimensional precision and quality of surfaces
  • Castings produced with this technique need only minimal machine processing – we can achieve casting tolerances defined by VDG P 690 D2
  • Advantages of casting in vacuum
  • Melting of highly alloyed steels made on basis of cobalt, titan, nickl, chrome, etc
  • Melting of steel is taking place in closed system (without outer environment interference)
  •  Controlled way of melting
  • Possibility of casting parts with complex configurations (blades, turbines, etc)
  •  Producing high quality castings without presence of inclusion, gases, porosity, etc
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