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Our company places a high value on quality and dependability, making sure that our forgings meet and surpass the strictest standards in a variety of industries. We provide products that continuously outperform in every industry where high quality and performance are essential, including automotive, aerospace, energy, and others.


Our tool warehouse containing over 800 different die forged tools, a compressor station and a raw material warehouse. The Forge consists of 6 forging sections of up to 700t monthly output. We can manufacture forged pieces ranging from 0.5 up to 120 kilograms. About 55% of the production is intended for railway industry and 45% is for other branches of metal industry (automotive, tractor industry etc.).

Part machining and tool manufacturing are performed at the new CNC processing centers.

Parts for boogie

In our standard production range there are over 30 parts for boogie. As most important single out upper pivot, lower pivot, side bearer lower part, side bearer upper part, brake levers, brake block hanger etc.

Draw Gear

Draw Gear One the most important part of every rolling stock is draw gear. Considering great responsibioflity these parts have, we own TSI certificate for draw gear 850Kn and draw hook type A and type B.

Forged parts

Forged parts Considering our flexibility we are able to produce forged parts for many industries. We are producing parts for automotive, agricultural, mining and hydraulic industry.

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