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Steel & iron casting

Steel & iron casting

Steel cast

We are casting all types of steel, with a maximum weight per piece of 3.500 kg net. The parts we produce are being used in a variety of industries, such as mining and energy, cement industry, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, chemical industry, processing industry, construction and others.

Our production program consists of steel castings of diverse chemical composition and mechanical properties, which is being examined and controlled in our own, state certified laboratory with the appropriate attestation issued.

For the production of steel castings we have automatic line for machine molding Disamatik and horizontal semi-automatic line for machine molding.

Iron cast

We are producing parts of Grey and Ductile iron cast from simplest to the most complex shapes with wall thickness from 6 to 300 mm and up to the weight of 8 tone net.

On customer request, different kinds of heat treatment can be performed, for castings of 10 tone maximum weight and 6400x1500x1200 mm maximum dimensions.

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